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We only give a brief description of our products and service's here, we work to provide you bespoke solutions based on customer requirements. Every customer has different requirements, specific to their business.

Your Communications are essential to Your Business functioning correctly and supporting that function is our main concern. If you have a problem? call us direct and we will take responsibility to deal with the network and resolve the issue.

Lines & Calls

Our lines and calls service is the core of our business and sometimes our customers business. We retain direct access to BT back-end systems so if there is an issue we have the ability to test your line and diagnose the problem. We can then raise a Fault Ticket with BT and instruct them of our findings, schedule an engineer to address the issue. Our normal response time for getting an engineer to site is the following day. We will always keep you advised of the progress of any Fault or Issue we do not expect you to do our job.
This relationship allows us to own the issue, monitor the progress and keep you updated.
We also have access to the order and installation systems for new services or upgrades on existing services as your business requires.

If it breaks call us and we will fix it ASAP

Tariffs :

As an A & K Communications customer your tariff is bespoke to meet your business requirements. We achieve this by analysing the calling profile of your communications traffic and building a specific tariff for your business. All we request is collaboration with you to understand the key factors that drive your business needs.

We do not have a one size fits all tariff like other operators when your traffic profile changes to meet to  your business needs we have the flexibility to change as well ensuring you always receive the best price your business demands. We operate a flexible package contract which is designed to offer best value based on your specific calling patterns. The development of your service package will be based on your usage reports over a given period to allow for fluctuations in calling trends which may be associated specifally to your industry. We undertake a review with you every six months to address any change that might be required.

Please call us for a consultation: 01702 218620

Built for Your Business
{whether you make thousands of calls or just a few we build the right tariff for you}

Mobile Communications :

Mobile Devises: are a personal choice so the type of handset you want to use is not relevant to the airtime contract. We offer a choice of three airtime providers, Vodafone, 02 and EE, as a comparison of the different network services available. We can also provide the standard individual contract if required. Handset come and go so quickly it is difficult to show our whole range, if you would like a new phone please speak to us about your requirements. We can provide all the main manufactures handset models like, I-Phone, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony & Nokia to mention but a few.

When traveling why not use an international SIM and save on roaming charges.

The new I-phone 7 is currently on offer for £40.08 per month with Unlimited Minutes, 4 Gig Data and Unlimited Text


Broadband & Internet Connections :

The generic name of "broadband service" is a little outdated when you apply it to Business Internet because we all require larger bandwidth. The roll-out by BT of FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) is not going to be available to the majority of business premises for some time and it will take even longer for FTTP (Fibre To The Premises). The best way to check your availability is on the "SamKnows web-site"

Again we offer a bespoke service to meet your business requirements which range from the standard ADSL to 1Gig and all stations in between. We provide the correct business service, monitoring it and advising you on usage will enable you to get the best performance. All our broadband packages are flexible and scalable so you are assured of continuity in your investment.

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