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Every business is different therefore we build our communications solutions to suit your business needs. There is never a one fits all policy at A & K Communications, we measure the current usage and build the packages you need to meet the business requirements. We know, as your requirements change we will need to change with them. That is why our packages are flexible and scalable.

If you currently use 500 minutes per month and the majority of the calls are to Local, National and Mobiles with the average cost of calls £30.00 per month. Your line rental is £13.99 making your average monthly bill £43.99.

The A & K Communications Budget Plan 500 gives you line rental & 500 inclusive minutes to Local, National and Mobiles for £26.25 per month.

We can also build your mobile, broadband and telephony services into a single package.

How do we achieve this?

We have our own billing platform.
There are over 10,000 different individual tariffs that apply to land lines and mobiles, and being able to package these into usage models and have a set rate for an individual telephone numbers allows us to offer bespoke packages to our customers.

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