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A & K Communications Limited was founded in 2004 to offer specialized services in the build, provision and management of integrated communications solutions. Like most organizations we have had to face the ever changing challenge that “Information Technology” presents with its constant churn of products and services. The telecommunications market has over the last few years seen acquisition after acquisition with no regard for customer loyalty or support.

Today you can order almost everything on line and not speak to the same person twice. We hold a fundamental belief in our “core value” that people like to deal with people and if you want a relationship with your customers “maintain direct contact”. A bit old fashioned, yes, but the Internet has no way of understanding the customer’s business needs.

We have over the last six years developed our product portfolio based around the core products for connectivity. Telephone Lines and Calls, Mobile Communications, Hosted Telephony and Private Networks. We maintain direct access to our suppliers processing systems which in turn enables us to provide a first class service for our customers. If there is an issue with your telephone line we will test the circuit and if damaged we will book you a BT Engineer (normally next day service).

Our Promise

  • To provide you with a reliable service.
  • Treat you as an individual customer.
  • To listen to your communications requirements.
  • Address all issues as quickly as possible.
  • Continually monitor your call profile and advise on the best tariff.
  • Never to institute a call-centre.
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