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Depends on your view, the larger the organisation the more likely you "The Customer" are to be just a number.  We don't work that way no automated answering or queing we treat you as a Valued Customer. Your Issue/Requirement will be our priority when you call.

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We make the connections: We connect to you and then connect you to the rest of the world. Mobile or fixed, Broadband or Network, the service's that makes your business better. Every business requires a different solution ( No Square Pegs in Round Holes) our job is to understand your requirements and provide the service's for them.

We are not shackled by corporate rules or restricked to one supplier this allows us to provide flexible services to all our customers.

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If you would like to deal with real people and not a mouse or a voice in a call centre then please give us a call. We are interested in providing you with a solution that is designed to meet your business requirements. A & K Communications maintain an on-going relationship with every customer and we are happy to share our knowledge. We understand your requirements are best served when we collaborate to provide the information you need for your business.

"We believe good business practice is about Collaboration, Support and Building a Relationships with our Customers. Help us understand your business communications requirements so we can help you."

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